Artisan Bread: Flour, Water, Yeast, Levain. Nothing else.

Proper, Crusty Bread!

We are proud to share our passion for proper bread by offering delicious, fresh, artisan bread for sale to customers around the Grayshott and Haslemere areas of Surrey and East Hampshire.

Each bread is handmade by us using traditional French recipes and artisan methods.  We only use French flour, which is much softer than the British and Canadian wheats most commonly used in the UK.  French wheat contains less protein and less gluten, resulting in a softer crumb and larger air pockets, and a delicious chewy texture.

Although all the recipes we use do contain a cultivated sourdough starter (levain), we use the French method of adding a small amount of yeast to all doughs too.  This is common practice with French breads, as it makes the bread more complex and flavourful, and eliminates the very sour flavour of breads made only with a sourdough culture. We therefore do not advertise our bread as “pure sourdough”; however, it is complex, flavourful, and utterly delicious!

Because of the softness of French flour, the bread does go stale a lot quicker than bread made with British or Canadian flour, so it is advisable to order it for the day you need it.  It does make great toast the next day, though!

Legendary Cinnamon Rolls!

Our cinnamon rolls truly are legendary!  Currently available to order for Saturdays and Sundays only, these make the perfect, decadent weekend treat.  Made with oodles of French butter, cinnamon, cardamom, and brown sugar, and very hard to resist!

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